I started taking pictures right out of high school and was inspired by the work of noted photographers Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and Minor White. After 20 years of hiatus, my interest in landscape and nature photography was renewed while watching a dramatic sunset at Yellowstone Lake.

I was inspired by the beauty and power of nature and views photography as a form of art where the camera is the paintbrush. “Each time I do a shoot, I realize how interdependent our existence is with all of nature and creation”. My images are an attempt to show how beautiful and sacred this land is.

Joe Lowe attended the School of Modern Photography, the New York Institute of Photography, and Nikon School. Some of Joe’s work has been published in various publications. He has been an artist n residence at for many years at Custer State Park in South Dakota.


Some of my work featured at Monument Hospital Health

I specialize in corporate art and have an extensive client list. Here is a partial list of my clients.

South Dakota Department of Agriculture

Monument Health Hospitals

Orchard Meadows Dental

Rushmore Federal Credit Union

Larry Pressler
Former U.S.Senator

Black Hills Surgery Center

Black Hills Urgent Care

Regional Urgent Care

Pine Peaks Dental

Harold Doher DDS

Kevin Weiland MD

NWE Management

Terra Sport Inc.

OEM Solutions

Liberty Chrysler

Allen Wessel MD